Frances Ha (Noah Baumbach) 2013 **** 12/25/2016

This is a really special movie, and reveals the great talents of Greta Gerwig, who wrote the thing along with Noah Baumbach.  She plays Frances, adventuring around New York City with her best friend Sophie (Mickey Summer), apprenticing at a dance company, trying to make it by.  Sophie moves out and she gets dropped from the Christmas shows at the company, so she goes from a ‘rich kid apartment’ with two guys (Adam Driver & Michael Zegen), to a trip in Sacramento to see her parents for Christmas to staying with a dance company friend.  From there a dinner party encounter sends her impulsively, romantically to Paris for two days where she sleeps in until 4:27 after staying up until 3:47 upon the night of getting in, then wandering around doing nothing and missing the calls back of a friend she tried calling.  That anticlimax of romanticism (partially self-inflicted) is a feeling I deeply empathize with and have experienced in foreign countries.  The beautiful moment of the film comes in a moment between her and Sophie, that was described at the dinner party earlier (and after Sophie had moved to Japan, miscarried, came back).  The one where you catch a friend’s eye across the room at a party, and engage that secret world between you.

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