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Almost Famous (Cameron Crowe) 2000 **** 5/29/2017

I didn’t go into this knowing it was a Rock & Roll movie.  Knowing it is now, I’m tempted to phrase my assessment like this: it’s more than a Rock & Roll movie.  But that diminishes Rock & Roll.  Nowhere … Continue reading

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War Machine (David Michôd) 2017 ** 5/28/2017

This is one of those “anti-war” movies that misses the point.  There are no bad guys – except for smug or faceless bureaucrats and those pesky rules of engagement.  Brad Pitt terribly overplays the marble-mouthed General Glen McMahon, come in … Continue reading

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Wilson (Craig Johnson) 2017 ** 5/19/2017

Overall a pleasant movie, if not destined to be memorable.  Wilson (Woody Harrelson) is a mix of a cynic and an optimist; ever hopeful about the world and the people in it only to be often disappointed.  The best parts … Continue reading

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Barry Lyndon (Stanley Kubrick) 1975 **** 5/13/2017

Stanley Kubrick and John Alcott have photographed some of the finest places and things in Christendom.  The performance of Redmond Barry by Ryan O’Neal progresses coherently to Barry Lyndon, and with an effective affect partially granted by the actor’s striking … Continue reading

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Sleuth ( Joseph L. Mankiewicz) 1972 **** 5/11/2017

This movie can capably be compared to a braid; it is full of twists, one after another on top of themselves.  This misdirection is established right from the start, as Milo Tindal (Michael Caine) wanders through a hedge maze to … Continue reading

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Apocalypto (Mel Gibson) 2006 **** 5/8/2017

A frenetic raid, a vicious march, a wild chase back.  All through this the most remarkable representation of a wildly alien people illustrates how similar they are.  Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood) is the survivor, and his wife and child hide … Continue reading

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Mistress America (Noah Baumbach) 2015 **** 3/6/2017

Tracy (Lola Kirke) is in her first semester of Barnard and feels like she’s at a party where she doesn’t know anyone.  Her mother is getting married soon and tells her to call her fiancé’s daughter, who also lives in … Continue reading

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