Midnight in Paris(Woody Allen) 2011 **** 10/14/2016

Paris is a golden city.  The opening sequence shots of this movie, showing the town change from day to rain to glowing stone street night, are beautiful on their own.  What follows is as well.  Gil(Owen Wilson) is a romantic on vacation with his decidedly unromantic fiancée Inez(Rachel McAdams).  One night he walks off and gets lost and is picked up by an old Peugeot.  He’s taken to a party in 1920s Paris, and there he meets the Fitzgeralds, and Hemingway, and has his book read by Gertrude Stein.  And he falls in love with a beautiful girl(Marion Cotillard), a muse of Picasso and Amedeo.  His own engagement is grated on by a pseudo old friend of Inez’s(Michael Sheen).  The girl herself romanticizes the Belle Epoque, and when they magically visit that age too and find Degas and his coterie pining for the Renaissance, he has a realization about the present and the past.  It makes sense, it’s grown up, but it doesn’t seem fair.  Even as he walks off in the rain with a Parisian girl who sells Cole Porter records, him in sliver light, she in gold, yesterday seems to have been a better place.

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