Boyhood(Richard Linklater) 2014 *** 7/11/2016

The concept behind the movie, the multi-year filming and the subtle transitions of everyone growing up is pulled off very well.  And the compelling story is that of the mother(Patrica Arquette) and the father(Ethan Hawke), with their modified ambitions, and trials, and real pahtos.  Unfortunately, Mason(Ellar Coltrane) who grows throughout this turns into a boring, mumbling stereotype.  He isn’t interesting, he’s banal.  Linklater has made another movie with a lot of good emotion, but whichs subsumes anything it might have to say under the dominant and safe mores of the time it was made.  The last half of the movie, aside from Arquette’s affecting regret, feels almost like a parody.  Lorelei Linklater, though, who plays Mason’s older sister Samantha, must be credited as a very good actress despite her character suffering from all the flaws of the wider picture.

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