A Report on the Party and Guests(Jan Němec) 1966 **** 6/22/2016

When a group of couples are walking through the forest back from a lazy picnic, they’re accosted by a group of genial men. The leader, Rudolph, who is childish and playful like a broken-toothed Jerry Lewis directs them to stand in a circle all night. The movie is really wonderful because of the fact that one does not know what will happen next for a great portion of it. The movie is an indictment of the absurdity and game-playing of totalitarianism. Their detention is revealed to be a “joke.” The tall, sad-eyed man knows it isn’t. They go to a wedding/birthday party by a lake and the sad-eyed man leaves. The pseudo-intellect with the glasses has ingratiated himself to the rulers and become a guard, urging the party to go find the missing man, all of them, because he left all of them.

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