Ex Machina(Alex Garland) 2015 *** 6/1/2016

A straight-ahead movie about AI that thinks it’s throwing curveballs.  Domnhall Gleeson plays Caleb, a weedy computer programmer plucked for special assignment to an isolated compound deep in nature’s wilds, flown in by helicopter.  He was plucked by the boss of his search engine company, Nathan(a heavy Oscar Isaac).  Nathan lifts weights and drinks and dances to disco music.  Caleb is there to run the Turing test on an advanced AI called Ava(Alicia Vikander).  Caleb falls in love with her and plans to help her escape, but the brilliant programmer Nathan weaves a thicker web than is first divined.  Some ponderous cinematography and half-baked humour from Isaac hurts the movie a little, but that humour also satisfactorily leavens a movie weighed down by some self-ascribed profundity.

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