Bottle Rocket(Wes Anderson) 1995 **** 5/25/2016

Luke Wilson’s charming, laid-back performance as Anthony provides the fuzzy centerpiece to this laconic, comfortable movie about three friends loosely trying to be a criminal gang, like in old pictures and completely romantic, like kids playing a game.  Dignan(Owen Wilson, who wrote the movie with Anderson) is the ideas man, the fast talking bullshitter with the childish scrawl and fantasies of action flick heists.  Bob(Robert Musgrave) has a car.  They successfully rob a book store of petty cash and hit the road on the lam.  There Anthony meets a housekeeper with limited English, Inez(Lumi Cavazos).  They fall beautifully in love.  When Bob’s brother is in trouble back home their adventure falls apart with some acrimony.  Anthony & Bob work three jobs.  Dignan works for Mr.Henry(James Caan), a larcenist with a landscaping company as a front.  He gets them to pull a job, and Dignan ends up going to jail while Mr. Henry betrays them and robs rich kid Rob’s house of everything.  They’re all better off in the end though, and happy, and they’ve grown and become friends.

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