Fargo(Joel Coen) 1995 **** 5/24/2016

Jerry Lundegaard(William H. Macy) is a car salesman who needs money.  He sets up a plot to kidnap his wife(Kristin Rudrod) with the help of two criminals Gaer & Carl(Peter Stormare & Steve Buscemi).  The aim is to extort Jerry’s wealthy father-in-law Wade Gustafson(Harve Presnell) and split the ransom money.  The criminals however, get the whole thing fouled up by committing a triple homicide to avoid being caught with the kidnapped woman in the back of their car.  Police Chief Marge Gunderson(Frances McDormand, brilliant) investigates the increasing body count, hefting a new life in her belly amidst the carnage and death.  The introduction of her, ostensibly the main character, a good chunk into the movie is a device I appreciate & enjoy.  Deakins shot the movie absolutely beautifully; the blizzardy North Dakota and Minnesota environs make for incredible transitions between scenes and display a pristine beauty which enhances the deep red blood.  Carter Burwell adds a powerful, menacing score.  Deakins’ shot of Macy coming out of his father-in-law’s office from overhead looks like a black ink drawing on a snow white background; only when we see Lundegaard walking is that illusion broken.

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