Shredderman Rules!(Savage Steve Holland) 2007 * 5/23/2016

This movie is best watched for nostalgia value.  All the elements I remember enjoying a lot, the romance-girl, the fighting-off-a-bully triumph, and the shtick are still there, only now those elements are largely hollow and insipid and atrociously acted.  There’s still some good shtick though.  Devon Werkheiser is good at it.  He plays Nolan Byrd, a bullied junior high schooler whiz kid who uses spy equipment and his AV/computer knowledge to expose bully Bubba as a dope to the whole school.  He does this publishing under the Shredderman alter-ego, becoming a truth-telling hero to the school.  When Bubba’s dad, Bob Bixby(David Roebuck) effects a plan to turn the beloved local lake into a septic tank for his sewage business, Shredderman rides again to expose him in a grand way, before working up the courage to ask out the insipidly acted girl next door crush of his Isabel.

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