That Cold Day in the Park(Robert Altman) 1969 **** 5/3/2016

A rainy psychodrama, shots through bent glass distorting its characters, and their odd behavior leading them down distorted paths.  Sandy Dennis plays Frances Austen, an austere procedural put together, distant member of Vancouver’s smart old money set.  Hosting a party on a cold day she sees a boy on a bench in the park(Michael Burns).  She brings him in to dry off, the “vagrant” is mute, he stays a few nights no sex.  She develops proper, disturbed affection for him.  He’s been putting on an act, goes back to his riverboat sister, and then returns and the fucking becomes locked room dangerous.  Johnny Mandel delivers a great jazz orchestra score, which resolves properly into discordance, just as the odd boy and girl in the film do.

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