Soylent Green(Robert Fleischer) 1973 **** 5/7/2016

Heston plays detective Thorn, whose name is nearly adjectival in an overflowing New York City 40,000,000 strong.  The most disturbing images of the film are this crowding, masses of bodies everywhere sleeping in stairwells and on the steps which Thorn has to clamber over going in and out.  Him and old Sol(an amiably gruff and sensitive old Edward G. Robinson) form a detection team, with the old man poring through old reference books in aid.  An investigation of the murder of a wealthy high-powered businessman(Joseph Cotten) leads to a terrible discovery and a romance with the old man’s beautiful piece of furniture(Leigh Taylor-Young).  Chuck Connors plays the hired muscle after Thorn like a hell bound hound, and throughout the picture shines a hot wet sweltering desperation in a world running out of space.

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