Dr.T & the Women(Robert Altman) 2000 **** 5/5/2016

Robert Gere plays the titular character, an affable gynecologist in Texas who is understandably swamped by swooning women at his practice.  His wife(Farrah Fawcett) takes her clothes off in the fountain at the mall and is committed to a mental facility.  His daughter Dede(Kate Hudson) is preparing for marriage, but may still have something with her maid of honor(Liv Tyler).  Dr.T falls in love with Helen Hunt’s golfer.  The most appealing character is Connie(Tara Reid), T’s youngest, a conspiracy tour guide who is cleverly right about everything.  Andy Richter plays one of T’s shooting buddies, and the ending is out of this world wacky, different, and exciting.

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