The Secret Life of Walter Mitty(Ben Stiller) 2013 *** 12/4/2015

Visually interesting at the start, though quickly descends into mawkish sequences with car commercial music.  Walter Mitty(Ben Stiller) works as the negative asset manager at Life as it’s closing shop for one last issue.  Star photographer Sean O’Connel(Sean Penn) has sent him a roll of negatives, with 25 to be the last cover, but 25 is missing.  So Mitty, who has always lived a straight laced prosaic life, too nervous to ask his coworker(Kristen Wigg) out, embarks on a globe trotting, action packed adventure to Green and Iceland in search of Sean, these sorts of adventures being previously confined to his vivid daydreams.  What the negative ends up being is touching.  My mother loved this one.

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