The Outrage(Martin Ritt) 1964 ** 12/26/2015

Conflicting accounts of a rape and murder by bandit Carcasa(Paul Newman) are examined by a retiring preacher(a young William Shatner), a snake oil salesman(an old and in tune Edward G. Robinson), and a kindly-face miner(Howard da Silva) in this tepid Western.  Laurence Harvey’s death rattle(‘I tripped’) and wife Claire Bloom’s exaggerated Southern screech belong in the annals of high parody, as does Newman’s mealy-mouthed Mexican grunting.  Robinson is fun and funny, a bright spot in this poorly executed attempt at a psychodrama.  William Howe Wong provides capable and crisp Western images, but the only Rashomon moment here is finding the film is a take on Kurosawa’s classic.

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