The Informant(Steven Soderbergh) 2009 *** 4/16/2016

A real capable comedy, with a great character in Matt Damon’s Mark Whitacre and kept humming along by deceit & mystery.  Whitacre does not relent in never telling the full story.  We begin with him an ebullient employee of ADM, a massive agribusiness entity funneling corn into everything.  The FBI gets involved in a possible extortion scheme(later found to be an invention of Mark’s), until Mark starts spilling his guts to Agent Bryan Shepard(Scott Bakula) about price fixing ADM is engaged in on Lysine with companies around the world.  Mark constantly lies, and the movie’s witty counterpoint to this is jovial organ music and Mark’s frequent homespun anecdotes.  There are a few really strong ancillary performances, the FBI agents including Joel Mchale, Ann Cusack as their Midwestern accented boss Tony Hale as Whitacre’s lawyer deep into the man’s delusion.  Mark’s charming inner monologue did well in portraying the character’s bipolar disorder.  I’ve got nothing to say about the photography, which implies competent execution.

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