The Hateful Eight(Quentin Tarantino) 2015 **** 1/6/2016

This is a long movie with a lot to say, and Tarantino’s superb script chews on it satisfyingly before exploding into violence and blood.  John Hunt(a dynamic though unwavering Kurt Russel) is transporting bounty Daisy Domergue(a riveting, insane Jennifer Jason Leigh) to be hanged when he comes across, variously, two men in Wyoming, Chris Mannix(Walton Goggins) and Marq Warren(Samuel L. Jackson) in need of transport out of a coming blizzard beautifully photographed, and takes them aboard.  The movie comes to a head in a haberdashery in a blizzard, and the performances are gripping.  Is it about justice?  Sure.  But it’s more about the payment of debts, which are stacked up on all sides in this post civil war fable.  Ennio Morricone’s score is thrilling, & Tarantino is once again Shakespearean, in the moral weight he gives his characters not just in that none of them survive.

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