The Birds(Alfred Hitchcock) 1963 *** 3/11/2016

Tippi Hendren isn’t very good as Melanie Daniels in the turgid stylish romance section of this Hitchcock picture opposite Rod Taylor’s mushy-faced Mitch.  Jessica Tandy’s stage prowess is also out of place in Bodega Bay, two hours north of San Francisco, where Daniels and Mitch meet in a pet shop.  Melanie follows him to the coastal town where his mother and kid sister Cathy(the girl gives a good terrified performance) live to fall in love, but runs into an attack, where eyes are gouged out, gasoline explosions ignite, and good sound design highlights the malevolence of the Avian threat.  The last shot as the four drive away to a setting sun is a classic; the birds have won, and they seem to revel in it with a cackle.

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