Once Upon a Time in the West(Sergio Leone) 1969 **** 4/4/2016

Henry Fonda plays a real sunnuva’bitch, who with his band of killers kills the McBain family, right down to the youngest red haired child.  Claudia Cardinale is gleaming and polished, she comes to marry the elder Irishman that same day.  There’s the dirty, whiskered Cheyenne, and the dying rail baron whose dirty work Fonda was doing.  Then there’s the crisp-eyed man with the harmonica, blowing Ennio Morricone’s Homeric score.  The images of the desert and the buttes framed mighty against the sky are defining.  There’s art in this western, but not too much to crowd out that it is, in fact, a Western.

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