Night Train to Munich(Carol Reed) 1940 **** 2/14/2016

There’s one great scene in this WWII espionage caper.  After the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia, an armor expert, Axel Bomasch(James Harcourt) flees to England to deny his skills to the Germans.  His daughter Ama(a raven haired Margret Lockwood) doesn’t make it out and is interned in a concentration camp, where she works in the infirmary.  Karl(Paul von Hernried), another prisoner, helps her escape, and the thrilling moment of the film comes when we learn he’s a Gestapo agent and organized the escape to kidnap her father through her.  English agent Gus Bennet(Rex Harrison) goes undercover in Berlin to bring the father & daughter back, in his devil-may-care stiff upper lip British jolly manner.  It being a Carol Reed movie, there’s a crackling chase at the end, with Bennet dangling at 6,000 feet between the Swiss-German border.

Also from the director:
“The Third Man” 1949 ****

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