Moon(Duncan Jones) 2009 **** 12/6/2015

Sam Rockwell plays a Helium3 miner on a 3 year contract on Mars.  Kevin Spacey voices a floating robot called Gertty, who expresses his emotions with a screen that displays emoticons corresponding to them.  Sam gets into an accident and finds himself in the infirmary.  When he goes back out to the lunar car, he finds himself.  It turns out Lunar Industries has been using clones of Sam Bell in three year cycles.  At the end they don’t go home to their much loved and missed family; they’re killed instead.  The two Sams figure this out through their distrust with one another.  They’re the same, but each has a distinct personality.  The first one gives up his life for the second to rocket home and spread the word to the media, which gives us the end of our movie.  Inside the base, the camera is mostly fixed.  Out on the landscape it roves.  Sam Rockwell is very moving; the humanity of the clones(which both Sams are) is affirmed.  Sam Rockwell pulls off that trick that’s hard to do on me; he acts like a “one of the guys” “dude” without being a douche.  The emoticons of Gertty are strangely affecting.  It’s a movie with a triumphant happy ending that somehow also manages to feel realistic.

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