Copacabana(Alfred E. Groen) 1947 ** 1/5/2016

Groucho Marx is Lionel Q. Devreux(the ‘Q’ is because his father liked hanging around poolrooms), partner in an act with Carmen Navarro(nee. Miranda) in this lackluster, self-referential farce about the storied nightclub.  Devreux becomes Navarro’s agent when the bills mount too high for the act to work, but gets her booked as the exotic veiled Mlle. Fifi AND as herself.  Marx gets off some solid lines throughout the frenetic costume changes and the tepid romance between Copa boss Steve Hunt & secretary Ann.  That can’t save the film from interminably dishwater dull song & dance numbers and the crinkled-eyed mugging from insipid heartthrob Andy Russel.

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