Brief Encounter(David Lean) 1945 *** 4/20/2016

The crisply shot black & white images suit Coward’s impeccably paced English drama.  Smoke from a train billows around the platform, where in the refreshment stop Laura(Celia Johnson) meets Alec(Trevor Howard), a doctor who removes some grit from her eye.  Music is used well to show them falling in love.  Laura’s husband is terribly nice and understanding, while Laura is wracked with guilt and love.  There’s also the charming depiction of the love between the counter lady and the conductor.  The greatest moment of the picture is when the lovers are parting forever, minutes left like prisoners waiting for an execution, and in those final precious moments the gossipy old acquaintance sees Laura and sits down chattering away, unaware of the disturbance she has created, and forcing the two to play a charade of it being all normal, as they disappear from one another’s lives.  It’s not important though.

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