America, America(Elia Kazan) 1963 **** 3/28/2016

Kazan’s crisp American voice introduces the story of Stavros(Stathis Giallelis), an Anatolian Greek cutting ice with his Armenian friend.  They plan to go to America together to avoid the Turks, oppression, but then the Armenian is killed in a pogrom.  What follows is a scramble, a veritable one that wipes Stavros’ smile off him until he makes it to America by way of Constantinople and becomes, not in fact but in actuality a boy whore.  There is the thin febrile fellow he meets in Anatolia and gives his shoes to, the Turkish conman who calls him brother on the road after saving him from theft then conning him blind, the old labourer in Constantinople, the large, jolly father of the plain girl he courts to get the 110 Turkish pounds for passage(the description of the life Stavros could lead enchanting as it is stultifying), and then the other woman Stavros uses almost, the Turkish wife, twenty-five years American whose husband calls Stavros a boy whore.  Foreground blunt focus & much shooting through beads, windows, arresting closeups of Stavros’ looming face.

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